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"Going out" plan has always been an industry consensus in Chinese machine tool enterprises.Stepping into the international market is the prospect and the goal of enterprise development.Recently, JASU international machinery group was invited to attend the Select USA Investment Summit held by the US Ministry of Commerce.JASU, who was one of the representatives of Chinese top enterprises, started the 18 days business investigation with the US commerce communicators. The representatives went across 5 states,6 cities and were welcomed face-to-face by the US president Obama.JASU views this USA trip as an highly important opportunity to explore North American market.

                             The US president Obama giving speech at SELECT USA

3-13 JASU representatives arrived the first station----Chicago city, the American industrial heart. We visited the Chicago O' Hare biggest machinery agent RACO/Atherton Machinery. RACO’s representative MR. Gred warmly received JASU representatives. And they exchanged views on improving CNC lathe machine, shared the technical requirement of CNC VMC & HMC. MR. Gred was very interested in JASU CNC machine, he thought we would start a business cooperation in near future, especially in movable column VMC and HMC machine areas.

                RACO/Atherton Machinery MR. Gred communicated with JASU representatives

At the second station---The city of Akron, Ohio state. The Ohio government pays highly attention on the activities of China’s corporation-investment on USA. The MESNAC co.,ltd was invited by the Ohio government to give a meeting sharing the experience of investing USA. The MESNAC North American office chief MR.Gu introduced the local policy of tax, employment, R&D and market to JASU Vice CEO MRS. Chen Siling.

                                   The Meeting of sharing the experience of investing USA

3-19 In Detroit City--Auto city, we have the 3rd station--one to one business dialogue. The Michigan, Warren City, ASC Incorporated Chairman of the board, Brian Baker communicated with JASU MRS. Chen Siling and MR.Chen Jiarong. ASC who gives service to General motors, Ford Auto, showed great ideas on JASU stepping-into-USA  plan, and promised to help JASU a lot of things in the US.

                       ASC Incorporated Brian Baker and JASU Mrs.Chen Siling, Mr.Chen Jiarong

3-24 The business investigation trip was nearly come to the close, but the trip members was invited to attend the most important meeting----Select USA Investment Summit held by the US Ministry of Commerce.The investment delegation from China became the main force in the summit. As one of the representatives attending in this summit, JASU felt great honor.

                                        The investment delegation from China

At the beginning of the summit, The Ministry of Commerce Secretary Mrs.Penny Pritzker gave a speech on the promotion of economic growth. And then, delegation from all over the world communicated with each other happily on business and life.

         China's ambassador to USA, US ambassador to China, Wanda Group chairman Wang Jianlin

At lunch time, the US president Obama gave a speech at the summit. He pointed out the goal of this summit was to promote global economic recovery and growth. The federal government would strengthen investment cooperation with the state government; to provide investors with investment in the United States the basic knowledge and training services, online database of state investment incentives and other investment tools; to help investors determine the investment object and locate potential partners.

3-25 The last day of the summit, the US Ministry of Commerce prepared a wonderful dinner for the global delegation.The Ministry of Commerce Secretary Mrs.Penny Pritzker again showed up to speech on the strengthening of China & USA business cooperation.The US is in the manufacturing regression, urgently need to strengthen international cooperation to enhance their own strength.China is facing industrial upgrading dilemma, therefore foreign exchange has become the enterprise development opportunity. JASU views this global situation as a challenge also an opportunity to become an international famous brand enterprise.

                             The Ministry of Commerce Secretary Mrs.Penny Pritzker

                                                          the global delegation

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