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Plastic machinery:
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Hollow plastic container with a light weight, cheap, and security features, widely used in beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and chemical industries, but also to attract more manufacturers to choose plastic containers instead of the traditional glass containers. Today's plastics industry's most advanced equipment, tooling and raw materials are in front of us, new technologies expand, new applications continue to emerge, to see a plastic blow molding field is fruitful. With world oil prices soaring, plastic raw materials prices are high, low energy development, alternative raw materials market trends one province. 

Bottle blowing machine is a blow-molding method of the hollow plastic particles into a container to produce a device, the model includes the more common use of the PP and PE hollow extrusion blow molding machine, PET, PC or PP using two injection molded tensile bottle blow molding machines, and a newly developed multi-layer hollow extrusion blow molding and stretch blow molding. Since the injection blow molding operation, the first precision spray bottle bottles and then blow-molded bottle, the gas container in order to prevent volatilization of the external line and the gas permeability of the bottle to ensure that the port has a good and the performance of the bottle cap between. 

Injection blow molding equipment are injection molding machines, injection molding, blow molding and core mold transfer unit and other components. However, the basic rules of injection blow molding machine is able simultaneously to a pair of injection mold plastic parison, be blown into the container in the alternate mold. For all plastic packaging manufacturers, injection blow molding process is definitely the most important of all plastics processing technology, all kinds of plastic packaging products, plastic packaging container manufacturing and processing, injection blow molding technology needs to be done. A complete injection blow molding process can be divided into two steps: first, the parison preparation. By an injection blow molding machine at a high pressure injection-molding the molten material within the tube of the tubular parison with the blow mold core tube. After opening the mold, the parison is left on the core tube, by mechanical means the heat transfer tube and the core tube together into a blow mold; the second step, blow molding. Closing the blow mold, compressed air is introduced into the core tube so that the inflation tube to achieve the shape of the blow mold cavity, and cooled under air pressure setting, the final stripping to obtain products.
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