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Plastic machinery:
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CNC machining center and CNC machinery and equipment by the system components suitable for high efficiency machining of complex parts automation tools. CNC Machining Center is the world's highest yield, one of the most widely used CNC machine tools. Its comprehensive processing ability, after clamping a workpiece machining can be completed more content, high precision, on medium difficulty batch processing artifacts, and its efficiency is 5 to 10 times the normal equipment, especially that it can be completed many ordinary device can not complete the processing of more complex shape, high precision machining of single or small quantities of many varieties produce more applicable.Bottle Blowing Machine is a blow molding process will be produced by plastic particles into hollow container equipment, the more common models include the use of PP and PE hollow extrusion blow molding machine, the use of PET, PC or PP twice molding the injection stretch blow bottle machine, as well as newly developed hollow multilayer extrusion blow and stretch blow molding. 
CNC Machining Center is a feature than the whole CNC machine tools. It milling, boring, drilling, tapping and thread cutting functions concentrated in one device, it has a variety of technology tools. CNC machining center is provided with a magazine, the magazine kept the number of different kinds of knives or seizure, in the process of selection and replacement by the program automatically. This is the main difference between CNC milling, CNC boring machine. Especially for the use of tooling and plane equipment necessary to ensure product quality and efficiency of the workpiece. This will save a lot of time and money for new product development and modification and updating, so that companies with a strong competitive edge. 
NC has the following advantages: 
① a significant reduction in the number of tooling, machining shape complex parts without complex tooling. To change the shape and size of parts, only need to modify the part program for new product development and modifications. 
② stable machining quality, high precision, high repeatability, adapt vehicle processing requirements. 
③ more variety, small batch circumstances under high production efficiency, reduce production preparation, machine adjustment and operation inspection time, and the amount due to the use of the best cutting reduces cutting time. 
④ processed conventional methods are difficult machining complex surfaces, even some unobservable machining processing site. 
The disadvantage is that the machine tool CNC machining equipment is expensive, requires maintenance personnel with a higher level.
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