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Plastic machinery:
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Hollow plastic containers with lightweight and inexpensive, safe and other characteristics, widely used in beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and chemical industries, but also to attract more manufacturers choose plastic containers instead of conventional glass containers. Today's plastics industry's most advanced equipment, molds and raw materials are all unfolding in front of us, new technologies, new applications emerging, look at the field of plastic blow molding is also fruitful. With world oil prices soaring, plastic raw materials prices are high, the development of low energy consumption, alternative raw Province is one of the market trends. 

Bottle blowing machine is a blow molding process will be produced by plastic particles into hollow container equipment, the more common models include the use of PP and PE hollow extrusion blow molding machine, the use of PET, PC or PP twice molding the injection stretch blow bottle machine, as well as newly developed hollow multilayer extrusion blow and stretch blow molding. Since the injection blow molding equipment during operation, the first accuracy of the injection bottle for packaging the bottle, and then blow molding the bottle, thus preventing the volatilization of the gas container and the external line of the bottle of gas permeability, to ensure that the bottle between the performance with good port and close the cap. Currently, the production of such equipment to make efforts to improve the level of sophistication, a real precision injection blow molding machine. The so-called "precision injection blow molding machine" means not only the high-speed high-pressure molding process, the device has good stability, and fluctuation in size and the aspect of the container to produce the quality fluctuation required to achieve high stability, which is part of the production of each container size and geometry precision to be high, other indicators appearance and internal quality container production efficiency can reach a higher level. For all plastic packaging manufacturers, injection blow molding process is definitely the most important of all plastics processing technology, all kinds of plastic packaging products, plastic packaging container manufacturing and processing, injection blow molding machine needs to be done. Such as plastics molding process to produce plastic bottles, plastic buckets, anti-static trays. Unlike the extrusion blow molding process, injection molding cost will be higher. 

China's plastics processing companies Seira its distribution across the country, equipment, skill levels, most of the processing enterprises of devices require transformation. In recent years, technological progress in China's press industry is very significant, especially the gap between technology and foreign brand-name products of the injection molding machine is greatly reduced, the level of control, product quality and internal appearance and other aspects have achieved significant change. Select domestic equipment, with a smaller investment, but also can produce the same quality of equipment and imported equivalent product. These create the conditions for the technological transformation of enterprises.
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