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Plastic machinery:
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Hollow plastic containers with lightweight and inexpensive , safe and other characteristics, widely used in beverage , pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and chemical industries , is attracting more manufacturers choose plastic containers instead of glass containers in the past . Today's plastics industry 's most advanced equipment , molds and raw materials, all unfolding in front of us , new technologies, new applications emerging , look at the field of plastic blow molding is also fruitful. With world oil prices soaring, plastic raw materials prices are high, the development of low energy consumption, alternative raw Province is one of the market trends. Bottle blowing machine is the most simple and obvious explanation is capable of plastic granules ( softened into a liquid ) or do a certain process preform by means of blown bottle machine.
CNC ( CNC machining center ) is a computer numerically controlled machine tools (Computer numerical control) for short , is a program-controlled machine tool automation . The control system can logically process control codes or other symbols with the provisions of the directive , it is decoded by a computer , allowing the machine to perform a good action prescribed by the cutting tool material will be processed into semi- finished parts blank . Its advantages are:
● high precision , with high processing quality ;
● can be multi-axis linkage , can process complex shape parts ;
● When machining parts changed, generally only need to change the NC program can save production lead time ;
● High precision machine itself , rigidity, choose the amount of favorable processing , production rate ( generally 3 to 5 times that of ordinary machine tools ) ;
● High degree of automation tools , can reduce labor intensity ;
● mass production , product quality and easy to control ;
CNC machining is widely used in all areas of machining any , is the development trend of mold and important and necessary technical means.
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